Monday, January 28, 2013

Love is in the air

This week's PRP theme is "love is in the air".  It is an ode to Valentine's Day.  I (Major Moma) have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day.  The romance of it seems a bit contrived and I really have never been impressed about getting flowers when virtually every other woman in the U.S is also getting them.  What is special about that?  That said, my husband and I's first real date was on Valentine's ... so it does have a special place in our hearts.

The other thing about celebrations of Valentine's is that it is more about romance than love.  That is actually my complaint about most 'love songs' these days.  Really if you listen to the words of most love songs today they basically boil down to I "love you" because of the way you make me feel/ or what you do for me.  That is pretty selfish actually.  So what about that day when he doesn't make you feel good?  Or week, or year ... because that can happen.  Do you still love him?
Culturally, do we believe that love is about selfless giving?  Or do we believe that it is about selfish taking?  Something to think about as you see all those hearts hanging about this February.
That all being said, I went for a soft, romantic look for my outfit.
The skirt is an A-line gored skirt with a built in slip.  Gored means that I cut 6 pieces that are skinnier at the waist and wider at the bottom and it creates a nice swinging shape.  It has a zipper in the back and a snap at the waistband. The underskirt, is made of a soft pink lining fabric and I sewed cream colored eyelet lace on the hem.  You don't see the under skirt unless she is running or sitting but it creates more body to the skirt and a soft pink glow under the main fabric.  I also embroidered (machine) a soft pink heart on the skirt.
The vest is made from the same minky I made Isa's Coat Dress from.  It has small raised hearts in the texture of the fur.  The vest has shoulders that extend just a little past hers and a funnel neckline.   The same pink lining fabric lines the vest.  I have one small bow button as a closure.
I made a sweater too (but the picture that I took was awful and I could not get the lighting right so you just have to see it on Abi).  It is made from a very soft, fuzzy sweater knit.  It has drop-shoulders, a gathered cap at the sleeve, and long sleev cuffs.  It also has a shallow v-neckline.

I took the pictures while we were being goofy with some photo booth props left over from her birthday.  They are not the most stylish of blog photos, but they are fun.

I had enough fabric left over to make a matching sweater for Isa.  Hers has a v-neckline in the back and front.  And I made a 'lettuce edge' on the sleeves and bottom hem with my serger.

 So, that is my sweet and romantic outfit for my big girl and a bonus sweater from my baby girl.

Now, if I really can practice what I preach, this month when I see all those hearts dangling about I can try to really love others.

By being:


not envy others,
not boast,
not be proud.
honoring of others,

not be self-seeking,
not be easily angered,
not keeping record of wrongs.
I will protect, trust, and hope.

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  1. Soft, comfortable, and simple. This is such a fun outfit. I love the photoshoot too!
    great job Momma!
    with love

  2. Outfit looks so comfy. Really enjoyed your goofy photos!

    1. I caught her sleeping in the sweater last night, so I guess it is pretty comfy. And we are a goofy family!

  3. That outfit is super cute!! The skirt is so vintage and elegant. I love it!

    1. Thank you. Someone else was telling me that the skirt had a vintage feel too. I did not think of that when I was designing, but clearly I was influenced by my gore skirt I made for me from a 1960s pattern.


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