Friday, January 25, 2013


Growing up, I, Winocologist, was always fascinated by Greek Mythology.  I think it was because I love an anti-hero in a story.  No one was perfect or untouched.  The greatest men, and even the gods themselves, had faults.  Sometimes, as in Hercules, it was the penance for their sins that made them great.  It showed us that no one is inherently great, but there is a good and an evil inside of all of us.  And, it is not one action in our life that will determine our greatness.  It is what we do throughout our lives, day-to-day, trial-to-trial; that will determine how we will be remembered.

This is how I feel about my dog Rex.  He is 50lbs of fuzzy, love and loyalty, kindness and humor.  He is also 100% Crazy.

Let me explain. 

Rex was rescued from a neglectful home in Florida when he was about 1 year old.  He was severely mal nourished, never had a collar, let alone seen a vet or properly socialized.  When I first got him I was amazed at how easy he was to train.  He didn’t chew things up, or go to the bathroom inside, or get into garbage.  He was small enough to keep in an apartment, but big enough to scare off intruders.  He was perfect… except… he only loved me.  I was his rescuer and in return I got a dog that was intensely protective of me, and extremely untrusting of anyone else.  Eventually we were able to introduce others into our “pack”.  Rex loves my parents, Aunt Veda, my nieces and nephews, and most others that are invited into my home.  My friends and family, who are introduced to him more than twice, love him and know how wonderful he is. 

But… Rex does not like strangers!

This is a problem, because that 50lbs of fuzzy love is also 50lbs of muscle and teeth, with a pretty intimidating bark.  There are not a lot of strangers that care to stick around to try and be his friend. 
I do what I can.  I make sure he gets enough exercise, he is not allowed on the furniture (its an authority thing), and he has gone through his advanced level training.  But, he’s eleven now… he’s not changing.  So, I accept him, as he is.  Knowing full well that he 100% psychotic and 100% wonderful. 

He is the perfect anti-hero.  A “good dog”….most of the time.

Wine pairing for the perfect dog.... Senorio de P. Pecina Chobeo de Pacina 2009 white Rioja.  A delicious white wine that is nothing like anything you are used to.  Unique and great... most of the time.

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