Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lay off the Hater-ade

Howdy y'all this is McH.

The other day, Super hubby and I went on a date. It is date night Tuesdays.  Our two middle schoolers go to youth group and our youngest had AWANA on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30.  Some date nights we stay at home, some we go out, and others we just run to the store and bicker in the bakery about what we should have for dessert.

Last night we decided to go out.  A compromise we have made is going out for coffee and dessert instead of a full meal but last night we were craving food.  We have really sucktastic restaurants in Oak Harbor.  We flipped a coin on which meal in mediocrity we were going to eat.

We ended up at the local burger and brew joint.  The place was weirdly packed for a Tuesday evening.  I have a rule when I eat out.  I won’t order anything I can cook easily at the house.  Last night I ordered a wild boar burger with blue cheese and bacon. It was pretty good really. Not to mention I was sitting across from my man, so the view was spectacular.

When all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off.  The noise wasn’t the worse part. They had lights that did this flashy thing as well. Like you were getting yelled at by both your eyes and ears. No one moved. I kept eating my burger and the crowded room smiled and laughed as the staff panicked.   We could see right into the open kitchen, not even the cooks flinched as they made your dinner.

Dinner went on and the fire crew came in and helped with the faulty alarm.

When the waitress came for the check she apologized for the “music.”  I smiled back and told her that life happens.  I also gave her a good tip for keeping her cool during the loud chaos.  

“Sometimes you can be such a nice person, honey” Super hubby said as she left with our card.

“What do you mean sometimes?”  He gave me his one eyebrow arched look. 

“Babe you have this huge range of kindness and then on either end you have this strip of pet peeve piss you off.  Come on now, you know when you drink your hater-ade.”

He is right of course; I can be a total hater sometimes. 

I have a phrase I use with my children that I was reminded of  as we were talking. 

Kindness in words and actions.

I want my children to grow up into adults who will show the stranger kindness. I want them to grow into people who will show kindness to their friends, family, spouse, and children. 

I guess sometimes I need to be reminded of that myself. In all things show love. In all things show kindness.   Lay off the hater-ade girl. 

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