Friday, September 7, 2012

the technology that binds

McH and I have been chatting a lot lately.  She has figured out the times I am online and now consistently IMing me.  It has been wonderful.  We have been comparing first week of school events, talking about books we are reading (I am actually reading her's and it is GREAT.), and generally the wonderfuly mundane things in our lives.

Last night I was working on a shirt for Eli that is part of my projects for Project Run and Play (season 5 starts next week!) and I heard the familiar "ding" that indicates an IM has arrived.  Kind of like the "you've got mail" message from years past.  And of course it was my sister.  So I went back and forth from the sewing machine and the computer.

It took longer to finish the shirt.  But it was well worth it.  I love having our little daily chats. 

But, this morning, I felt a bit homesick.  I live far away and this blog and our IM sessions are the closest things I get to being a part of my sisters' lives.  Some day I hope to return to the same state as them.  Maybe even in the same county!

So are any of the rest of you far flug from family?   Do you use your crafting/hobbies to maintain that close link?

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