Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August IP Round-up

Well, last month was our first time hosting Inspiration Point.  And I think it was a good start.  It was my (Major Moma) turn to pick the photo and I provided this picture.
August 2012 IP
There were only three of us that were able to participate but what was fun is that we each did something very different. I made a jumper for my eldest (surprise. I sewed something.) And McH wrote a cute little story about a girl racing the bells to her new found love.

And, best of all, we had a reader participate. She submitted this beautiful picture of a bell flower!

IMG_8075, a photo by Laurie322 on Flickr.
IMG_8075 by Laurie322

As you can see, you are not limited by what we do for the IP.  You can come up with whatever you want!  I hope some more of you join the fun.  (McH has already posted our new IP.)  But if you don't that is fine.  We will keep on entertaining ourselves.  Any one that knows us ladies will vouch for me in that this is a common occurrence!

Have a great month!

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