Thursday, August 23, 2012

sew much to sew

I have a sewing to-do list that is way longer than I will be able to accomplish this weekend.  Plus, I have family activities to enjoy this weekend which will limit my sewing time.

Why is my list so long?

  1. Abi starts school on Monday
  2. Project Run and Play starts 10 September
I have been working on Abi's school clothes wardrobe and have made several pieces.  I have not taken pictures yet, but I hope to visually document them all this weekend and have a great "back to school post" next week.

long sleeve silky T

The picture is blurry, but Abi is making matching jewelry for several of her outfits.
A sneak peak is this pretty long sleeved T-Shirt.  It is made with a silky knit with stripes of individual sequins.  I used a light lavender for the cuffs, waist band, and neck.  I  embroidered bows on the lavender in order to link it into the body of the shirt.

So, this weekend, I need to finish up a few more things for Abi's school clothes and then I need to get busy on my PRP entries.

I hope to sew along every week.  However, some of the themes are not exactly thrilling me.  But isn't that part of the challenge?  Take something you would never do and make it your own?

Well, you will be hearing either a lot from me because I will have a lot of projects to show OR you will hear from me very little because I will be too busy sewing.


There are 8 more days for you to play along with our Inspiration Point.  And if you can't get a project done in the next week, never fear, we will have a new inspiration up on the 1st!

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