Tuesday, July 17, 2012

(nearly) Instant Gratification

How do you prioritize your creative projects? 
 I usually have a list of what I would like to get done and then rank order them using the factors of Need, Deadline, and Funness (I know that is not really a word).  And I really like to work on each one at a time, cleaning up between projects.  However, there are times when my projects overlap.  For instance, I am working on a long project of making medieval costumes for the family and instead of working on those straight through, to break up the monotony (no I am not enjoying this project), I work on other things.  Plus, the deadline for the costumes was pretty far off when I started, so those were not always at the top of the list.
But, time does march on and now the deadline for the costumes is coming up and I had to work on them.  I was so unmotivated.  So I forced myself to get to work but also gave myself a reward when I got to the 'almost done' mark.  I decided to make this quick sundress for Abi.  It is basically a tube that has been smocked on top and straps attached.  She had picked out the fabric months ago and was thrilled with the results.  I was simply thrilled to be not making something medieval.

This is just a silly story about my sewing, but I think it rings true in my real life too.  Those long term difficult projects can sometimes be intimidating.  And, I am so used to instant gratification that it is hard to have the endurance to get through a long term project when I don't see the results for months; I am guessing many of you have the same issue.  During those times, I make the goals smaller and just force myself to get to work.  And of course, I sprinkle some 'fun' work into the mix so that I get some breaks.

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  1. It does seem that patients is such a difficult virtue sometimes! Especially in this instant gratification world we live! Abi looks cute as always by the way )


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