Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is your book good?

The other day I was at my optometrist getting my eyes checked because my current PX sucked beans.   I knew I needed new glasses.  I was right, of course and my eye dr. asked if I was reading or working at the computer more than normal to account for the large change in my eyesight.  The answer is yes. Yes, I sit and work on my computer for hours a day and am a bit of an obsessive girl about reading as well. 

Eye strain is a small price to pay for having completed my novel. 

I was smiling thinking of the bazillion hours I have worked on this random story line that has been haunting me for 6 months.  That was until he asked the next question.  “Is your book good?” 

I stopped and looked right at him.  “I have no idea?” I said.  It seemed like something I should know about my own book, but I don’t. 

I read some of the stuff I have written and cringe, but some of my other stories make me smile.  So how do you know if what you wrote is any good?  It is not whether or not an agent or editor thinks so.   Many of the top bestsellers last year was self published works.   More and more self published authors are showing up the old school publishing houses every day. 

So I am going with if you like paranormal mutant romances my book rocks.  If not…well I did get a pair of awesome naughty librarian glasses.

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