Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My new "reader"

Over at no big Dill, Katy is hosting a sew-along about projects inspired by children's books.  I thought it was a very cute idea but was busy with my own list of summer sewing projects.


After reading a Corduroy book for the hundredth time, I decided I would participate.

I made Isa a pair of overalls that are similar, but not the exact same as the one Corduroy the bear wears in the book.  She loves them.  And had me read the books again.

I love reading to my kids.  I have always loved books and wanted to pass that on to my children.  But Isa was not interested.  From the time her little arms could reach out, she would try to close the book whenever I tried to sit and read with her.

Then we were at a library story time for Eli and she started to listen too.  After that, she has been a book fiend.  She is always toddling up with a book for one of us to read to her.  She would prefer a parent, but she also settles for Abi to read to her.  And she does not settle for a book to be read once.  It usually has to be read twice in each setting.  And there may be two or three settings in a day.

And Corduroy is a favorite.  So in honor of my youngest's new found love of books, I sewed.


And as I was preparing this post, I remembered that when Abi was reading Alice in Wonderland, I was goofing around and made this Alice inspired dress and used some embroidery from my machine.  I figure that counts to as "inspired from children's literature."

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