Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coffee, Kids and Panic..yep

So Major Mama called me this afternoon and we talked as sisters do.  It’s nice that we are friends and she can lecture me about not blogging and I can tease her about her overachieving self.  She actually interrupted my typing away on a blog I was planning to use.  I think it works as we spent an hour talking about kids and family and life.  So here goes my first blog without direction…

My husband James always said that his best day in parenting was when our son mowed the lawn for the first time.  I remember James standing on the stoop watching as our oldest emptied the lawn clippings, the grin almost split his face.  I rolled my eyes at his reaction at the time. 

I don’t mock him now because I had my own day recently.  I woke up and was debating hauling my rear upstairs to the coffee maker, knowing that if I creaked up the stairs my youngest would feel free to wake up instead of sleeping in.  As I opened the bedroom door the smell of freshly brewed coffee hit my nose.  I jerked and looked back to see James still snuggled down.  I decided to explore more and snuck upstairs to see my oldest son flipping pancakes on the griddle, the gurgle of the coffee maker bubbling behind him.  My timing was perfect he had not waited for the pot to get done and had made his own mug and was sipping it in between flipping. 

When do they grow up, while I am asleep? I remember rocking him while we used to watch Blue’s Clues or stack blocks and take great fun knocking them down. Now he was making coffee and pancakes for the family on a random Saturday morning. 

I am not saying he is grown-up. He has more to learn and live.  It scares me to blink or he will be asking me for the keys to the car.

I got out the plates, syrup and poured my own cup as we waited for the rest of the family to get up. That morning we talked about his plans for the weekend and how his week at school had gone.  Thank goodness his day consisted of Halo and the trampoline and not girls or driving.  So to panicky parents worldwide, I hear ya’ll, Blue’s Clues was good but this time it isn’t bad either.

Mc H.

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  1. I like this. Are you able to put the Facebook "like" plugin button in your blog posts? I see you have the FB (and others) "share" button.


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