Tuesday, May 8, 2012

At the Movies with PRP

I almost did not sew-along with PRP this week. 

The theme is “at the movies” and since I don’t watch a lot of movies I didn’t have a lot of inspiration.  And the movies I do watch just did not inspire me, as far as making kids clothes go.  So sad.  Who knew being pop-culture adverse would affect my sewing?  And, I just did not feel like making anything constumey.  Don’t get me wrong, one of the most fun things about knowing how to sew is the costume making opportunities.  I have made an elephant, mermaid, mouse … loving the whole process.
But I wanted to use PRP to get summer play clothes done.  So instead of working for PRP, I made PRP work for me!  I saw this super cute mushroom fabric and fell in love.  I then started of thinking of how I could tie it into a movie. 
I tossed some ideas in my head but then just started sewing what I wanted to. I used a free pattern off of www.fabric.com, the pillowcase bubble romper from Create Kids Couture and just had fun with my super cute fabrics.  If you are a beginer sewist, this is a perfect pattern for you.  If you are experienced but want something you can whip up in no time, it is also perfect.

I knew my chubby little baby would look adorable in it.  I modified it a bit by using binding on the legs and not making the belt.  A belt on a one year-old is really a silly idea. 
And then I thought of the “movie”…
My eldest daughter is a big fan of the Tinkerbell fairy movies.  (and the books, and the dolls, and the stickers and the…)  And in the fairy land, there are a lot of these red and white mushrooms. 

In the end, I slapped on a Tinkerbell using my embroidery machine and pretended that the whole outfit was inspired by the movie.  But isn’t that why I bought a Brother embroidery machine?  So I could put random Disney characters on my children’s clothes?  Yep. It is.
I also made a hat.  And I used the “fairyest” hat I had a pattern for.
Not terribly inspired.  But terribly cute.

P.S.   It is purely coincidence (or at least subliminal) that I made a jumper right after the last week’s winner of PRP made a jumper.  What can I say, great minds think alike.  ;)

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