Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Marigold dress, a quick an wonderful sew

Pin It If you look at my posts from two years ago, you will see that I frequently raved about the wonders of Melissa at Melly Sews and the owner/designer of Blank Slate Patterns.  I have been impressed with her from the beginning and I feel special bragging rights (though none if it has nothing to do with my skill) that I was one of her first testers.

Well, there was a time period where I was not sewing much and just not having a need for her patterns and I have not sewn a Blank Slate pattern for a while.  Well, that recently changed.  I needed a dress for Easter and had grand plans to use one of my fancy new Burda Style patterns.  I love Burda Style but they do tend to need more time to complete and I was loosing time fast.  So, I decided to change my plans and sew the Marigold Dress that I had been wanting to have on my list but not yet gotten around to deciding what to do with it.

Gertie Hirsch cherry fabric

The Marigold was so fast and so cute.  I asked myself, Why?  Why had I stopped sewing Blank Slate patterns?
Gertie Hirsch cherry fabric

I really liked the fit.  I normally wear a small but my measurements put me squarely in the medium so a medium I made.  I think I will lengthen the bodice by an inch next time because I want the elastic to sit a little lower.  But other than that, the fit was perfect.

Gertie Hirsch cherry fabric

The fabric was last year's Gertie Hirsch fabric made for Joanns.  It is a light weight chambray with little pink cherries.  Too cute.

Gertie Hirsch cherry fabric

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  1. Looks lovely! I've made this dress twice already and am giving some serious consideration into making it a third time in some Liberty fabric I've been hoarding

  2. Liberty fabric would certainly up-scale this dress. That would be beautiful.


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