Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bold flowers and floaty dress

Pin It I love to have a new dress for Easter and I managed to squeeze in making me one despite the fact that I have been super busy and thought I would just be able make outfits for the girls.

I choose a dress pattern and fabric that I have had mixed feelings about.   The fabric is some a friend gave me, so it was free and that is great.  I completely have flip flopped about it.  On one day, I would love the bright colors and big floral prints.  On another day, I thought it looked garish and thought it would overwhelm my short frame.

I had similar thoughts about my the dress pattern.  It was part of a package of floral themed patterns by burdastyle (affiliate link) that I bought in the Spring of 2014.  (03/2013#113) This particular dress was my least favorite of the bunch but when I went to actually sew a dress this Spring, it is the one that stuck in my mind.

Dress as styled by Burda

So, I started working on the dress.  I taped the pattern and read the instructions and again started having second thoughts.  I was not sure about the gathers up the front and the shape seemed odd.  And as I worked with the fabric, I was impressed with the way it felt but still was quite intimidated by those giant bright flowers.

sewing burda

I kept on going.  I did not have time to start a different dress and decided to press on.

However, I did no fittings.  None.  My measurements put me squarely in a size 40, so I did not think it was too risky and I just did not have the heart to try it on and find out it was ugly.  Only once did I check things out by putting the dress on my dress form to check the zipper.  (The pattern called for an invisible zipper which I normally would love but I went with a standard zipper because it is what I had on hand.)

sewing burda

So on Easter morning, I showered and put on my dress ... for the first time.  And when my husband walked in he said, "You look beautiful.  I love the new dress."

sewing burda

Yea!  I guess it was a success and now I have a nice floaty dress for the warmer weather.

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  1. It is beautiful! I think the flowers are just the right amount of bright for spring and how lucky the fit turned out! I also hate trying things on mid-sew.

  2. I have eyed this dress pattern on Burda and your version is wonderful!


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