Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Following a trend and saving $$

My husband and I were enjoying an evening out with with my husband, we walked around the mall a bit window shopping. At the Banana Republic I saw lots of cute clothes but there was a lace top that I especially liked.
When I returned home I remembered a pattern I bought last spring on BurdaStyle. #116. And then, when I was shopping at Joanns for something totally unrelated, I saw the an pretty navy lace that would work perfect.  So I impulse bought the lace.

A couple days later I printed out the pattern and after an afternoon of leisurely sewing and an evening with a needle and thread in front of the TV I had a nice lace top.  It is not exactly the same as the Banana Republic blouse, but I like it just as much.

The pattern told me to bind the seams on the inside.  But I instead simply serged them and then top-stitched them down.  But I did cut some bias binding from some scrap navy silk and bind the wrists, hem, and neckline with the silk.

This pattern is super simple and really took no time to sew.  The taping of the pattern and cutting the fabric was probably have the time consumed.

And the final result was certainly less than the BR price tag of $59.50.

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