Monday, January 5, 2015

Catching up with hugs and a little sewing

I came back from Afghanistan in time for Christmas, and it was such an amazing joy to be home.  I took some time to just hang out with my husband and children.  My son and I did some baking ... we love to cook together.  And I got to re-know my three year old.  In the last seven months she has grown up so much.  Seeing my oldest also was so special.

We really did not participate in the holiday chaos.  My husband had most of the shopping done and we did not feel the need to go out and try to participate in many festivities.

In the midst of all that cuddling and catching up, I did do an assessment of Eli's clothes.  He has a ton of long sleeve tees and sweaters.  But, his pants are about two inches too short.  The state of his pants were not a worrisome thing for my husband because Eli is always in snow boots and thus his ankles were well covered.

But, I took it upon myself to fill that gap and sew some pants.

He wanted some some skinnier leg pants because they are easier to wear under his snow pants.  I recently had acquired a burdastyle pattern that advertises it as a girl pant; #141. (affiliate link) But, at this age, really there are not too many body shape differences and a pair of jeans is basically unisex.

He loves them and says they fit well.

There were some rough moments.  The zipper fly instructions were not entirely clear.  So, I have decided to show some pictures just in case they help someone else figure it out faster.  Not every step is shown here ... but the big ones are.  I don't think this qualifies as a tutorial, and I don't want to step on Burda's toes.  But I think some images would be helpful in their instructions.

pictures for instructions of zipper fly

If that helps, let me know!

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  1. I really appreciate lots of photos or diagrams when I'm sewing a new to me pattern. You've done a great job with the jeans. Now your son will have jeans that fit whether he's wearing snow boots or not.

    1. Thank you Pam. I love your linky parties because I can go to whatever category I am interested in and get some great ideas.


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