Monday, September 23, 2013

silly little crochet whale

I have been doing some more silly crocheting.  This time I made a whale out of some scrap blues.  I found the pattern on Ravelry and it is free so go here to get it.  The pattern is super easy and even the most beginner hooker (one who crochets) could whip one of these guys out in an afternoon.  It actually also comes with a pattern for a little sailor hat and life ring.  But I did not have the white yarn to do those.

amigurumi whale
First, you construct the body of the whale and then skinny it off into a funny shaped end.  And then you stuff it and close it off.

amigurumi whale

Next, you make the little tail fin pieces.

amigurumi whale

Then  I simply had to attach the tail pieces to the end and embroider the eyes.

amigurumi whale
So what to do with a crocheted whale?  Have a silly photo shoot!  I got out some of the kids' bath toys and had some fun taking pictures.

Isa loved it and plays with it regularly.  I think this would be a cute gift topper for baby shower gifts.  Or, crochet it in white for your literature lover ...

amigurumi whale

Any silly crocheting going on out there?

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