Monday, August 19, 2013

I crocheted a petit four!

The a couple weeks ago we (Major Moma and family) were wondering around at garage sales looking for winter gear for the kiddos. We just don't own what it will take to get through sub-0 temperatures.  During our search, we came across a house where a lady was getting rid of her stash of fabric and yarn.

 I felt like I hit the jackpot!

My husband groaned.

This was not what we were in the market for.  But how do you turn down a good deal on fabric?  So, I was allowed to pick up a few things... 3 plastic grocery sacks of fabric and one of yarn.  Plus, I got a gallon zipplock bag full of little balls of yarn all in different colors.  It was clearly all the left overs from various projects that she could not bring herself to throw away.

Those leftovers gave me an idea.  While looking around on, I have been collecting patterns for all sorts of silly amigurumi.  I never really knew if I would crochet them up ... but they were so fun looking.  And I did not think I could get myself to buy yarn for something so silly.  But, I could use yarn leftovers that I paid $1 for.

The first one I decided to make was the Cherry petit four.  The original pattern calls for sport weight yarn but since I was using scraps and they all were worsted, that is what I used.  And, I was using random colors, so I just picked out some as close as I could.

crochet amigurumi

 I did not have enough of the raspberry, so it is not as tall as it should be and the shape is thus not quite right.  And the red cherry does seem to clash a bit.  But that is not my fault.  See, M was here visiting and I asked her opinion if I should use the raspberry with the red cherry and she said it would look fine.  And considering I have a horrible track record with picking colors and hers is very good, I trusted her.

crochet amigurumi

I had the most fun with the whipped cream.  All those fluffy curls just made me giggle.  And the cherry and the leaf just turned out perfect.  

crochet amigurumi

Even though I have never made anything like this, it worked up really fast.  I was done in an afternoon of chatting and having tea with M.

crochet amigurumi

Now what am I supposed to do with it?  The kids love it.  So I figure they can use it as play food.  I am sure I will make more.  Why?  Because it was fun.  Terribly useless.  But fun.

Have you ever crocheted food???  What do you craft that is silly?

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