Monday, June 24, 2013

Burda Style's Girl's Pleated Dress 11/2012 #152

I (Major Moma) made another version of the Burda Style tunic dress for girls  from the November 2012 Magazine. (Previous versions here and here)

This time I made it without sleeves (I used bias strips to finish the edges) and did not bother with any shoulder closures.  The neckline in these patterns really is large enough to skip all closures.

But I did add a cut-out circle in the back and two hearts linking it together. 

These are pictures from a park that had a fun zip-line that the kids had a blast riding again and again and again.  It was a great break from our temporary living.

The tunic really can be worn as a dress, but she so far has always chosen to wear it with pants.

It is made with linen on the bodice and cotton flowered print for the bottom.  It is a cute pattern and this is my favorite version.  If you skip the sleeves, it really makes the construction simple and actually, the way the shoulders are extended, it looks much better than the other versions.

I love taking the kids to a park like this.  It wears them out and they have such a good time getting some exercise.  Abi always gravitates to things like a zip line.  But my other two can usually be found playing in the dirt.  I sure hope we can find a good park near our new place in Anchorage.

What do you look for in a playground or park?

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  1. This is so cute. I love that you can use it as a dress or a tunic. I have never actually bought a sewing magazine but this project has put me to shame once again for being that way. I just have a hard time spending a lot on just one book, is there anyway to get them cheaper?
    With Love,
    PS. Thanks for joining our link up it is going to be happening weekly from now on. We hope to see you next week.
    PSS. I know you are moving/unpacking right now so you could link something old up if you wanted.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you can get the patterns cheaper on line if you only want one or two at They run about $5. But if you want more than three from the same magazine, then, you might as well buy the magazine. I always want to get my money's worth from the magazine and end up sewing up patterns that I would not normally pick just because they are already included. I have had some nice surprises that way.

    And we are hotel living right now but move into the house next week! So, yes, if I link up it will be an older project. :D ~ Major Moma


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