Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter finest

It is the last week in PRP All-Stars and the theme is formal wear.  One of the suggestions was an Easter outfit and that was perfect for what I had already planned.  I (Major Moma) have been trying to get some spring clothes in my eldest daughter’s wardrobe but until two days ago, it still has been below freezing.  This has created quite the fashion dilemma. 

But Abi had asked for a blazer, so I figured that could help keep her warm and I can make a more warm-weather item for underneath. 

preteen peplum blazerpreteen peplum blazer
Peplums are all the rage right now, so I made an asymmetrical circle peplum on the jacket.  It is longer on the sides and sort of creates a bustle effect.  It has a simple pointed collar and buttons down the front.  I completely designed this jacket from scratch and I have decided that I really love the design aspect of sewing for my children.  Especially as Abi starts to want a more grown up look, I like how I can really make something that suits her.

preteen peplum blazer
I had to make the sleeves twice.  The first ones were super skinny. Thankfully, I had enough fabric to cut entirely new sleeves.  The fabric was the left over from my friend’sShirtwaist dress.  So that was a bonus to get a jacket out of it.
Egg hunt at friend's house; too cold outside

The dress is from a simplicity pattern 3881.  I changed out the skirt for a circle skirt.  And I adjusted the sizing.  I cut out a size 8 for the width and size 10 for the length.  I thought that would narrow it down enough.  But it still seems quite big.  And the v-neck was still quite deep for an elementary schooler (that was cut at a size 8 too.)

The pattern itself was super easy and a quick sew.  Instead of sewing normal elastic to the seam allowance of the waistline, like the pattern said, I used clear elastic.  As you would know from my tutorial, I really think clear elastic is very versatile.  Using iron-on vinyl cut on a silhouette, I made a cute little flower on the bodice.  Of course that never showed on Easter because of the jacket.  But, during the summer, it will be a nice decorative element.

Are you sewing for spring?  Or, if you are in the southern hemisphere, are you ready for fall?


  1. Oh I love it. It is creative fun and perfect. I love the simplicity of the dress and the color scheme. My favorite part is the coat! Oh so cute! Great job.
    I just wanted to respond back to what you said on the Common Axis Top, but your comment showed up as I was having a problem with that a couple weeks back. If you want to fix it you can go to and there are step by step instructions with pictures.
    I'm glad you liked the Common Axis Top too. I had a lot of fun with this shirt and I think I will probably do more to spice up his wardrobe.

    1. Thanks for the tip! My favorite part is the coat too. I hope she wears it often. ~ Major Moma

  2. Love the coat and the dress pattern! The colors are great too! :D

  3. That is so beautiful and amazing! I love the polka dots. I also wanted to let you know that we've given you the Liebster Blog Award because we love your blog! Stop by and check it out!

    1. Thanks! And thank you for the Liebster Award. I am in the midst of packing my house, so we might be a bit delayed getting our responce up, but I am thrilled you thought of us. ~Major Moma

  4. That jacket is lovely! The peplum is perfect, and I love the princess seams. The dress is sweet too. =)

  5. Thank you. I love princess seams. I think they make just about any top look special. I thought maybe the peplum would steal the show from them, but I guess someone still noticed. ;) ~Major Moma.

  6. The two together make a fantastic outfit. What a gorgeous set. :)

  7. The oufit is delightful and looks amazing on your daughter. I love how the rises up in the back to give the outfit the look of a bustle. Lovely.

  8. I totally love this and am not even kidding when I say I'd wear that myself. So dang cute!!!


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