Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sewing Love

M here,  today my blog will be a montage of pictures and thoughts.  It's easy to to be a little self serving in a blog,  especially when you like to show what you make or create.  But really....  why do I craft?  I suppose there as many answers to that as there are projects.  Mostly I do it because it is fun. Sewing relaxes me, and when I am feeling stressed concetrating on matching opposing seams on a quilt helps me get my emotions in control.

But lately,  I have had several friends with life challenging illness, and my reaction?

First of all I have been praying.  Not the vague please God bless me and mine.  Or the even vaguer and useless "sending good thoughts your way"  But praying...  God please heal my friends, their families, my mom.   God please grant them the strength to go through these terrible times.  God please grant them the peace that they will need to walk through this valley of shadows....
Then I sew, or crochet, or anything I can think of with a needle.

My friend is going to start chemo soon... what was my first reaction?  Well of course she will need a cuddle quilt.  I guess that started this whole train of thought.

14 Years ago my dad fought his last battle, I remember spending long hours at the hospital with him and my family. I had to have something to do. So I embroidered... and when dad passed, I put these away.

I am ready now to put them in a little quilt for a little boy in honor of my dad. 

Another friend had some serious health issues a few years back. When he was in the hospital, and we were so worried  I prayed and I sewed... and when he came home I handed him this.

My best friend in the whole world is a quilter like me.  We have shared many a battle together.  She always had a dream of making a quilt for her brother,  but life intervened, and she has lost most of her vision.  Her brother, also my very good friend has had some serious struggles,  so I thought why don't I finish that for her and for him... so I sewed and had a great time finishing up my friends project.

 So a couple of weeks ago,  Mom fell ill and was in the hospital.  During the time I spent with her I had to have something to do.... so I got some bright colored yarn and made some hats... and this little girl loves them.

All of this,  was yes, meant to show some of my projects.  But I like to think about what my motivations are when I make things.  I guess the process of creating helps me to deal  with some of my  life's circumstances

Why do you craft?  How do you deal with life's difficult issues? Does using a needle and thread keep you sane? 


  1. I would love to say that I craft through life's difficult issues but I read. I totally and completely get lost in a book. I read and read and read until I feel completely ready and brave to deal with everything.
    Those quilts are beautiful!

  2. M,
    You are sooooo talented and sewing these beautiful treasures will give the receivers the gift of love!!
    I am the same. When I am down, creativity is the first thing I reach for. It's like a therapy for me. After I finish the project, whatever it may be, and NOT always sewing, I feel like I have created something beautiful and it lifts my spirits. Usually, my husband can tell if something's bothering me when he finds me seriously engrossed in a project. "Creative Therapy today?" he says. "Yep!!" I reply.
    However, it's not always because of stress. Most of the time I do it to bless other people's lives or just to give my home some beautiful thing to use or admire. We all need beauty in our lives!!

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