Sunday, March 31, 2013

little lamb

My (Major Moma) youngest child loves farm animals.  She is two, so that is pretty typical I guess.  But out of all my children, she clearly likes them best.  And she loves sheep.

vintage lamb embroidery

This probably has something to do with having sheep live across the street from us.  She loves to look out the window at them.  Or better yet, go with her dad to feed them.
So, for her birthday, I made her a shirt with a sheep on it.  It was not a realistic sheep; but instead this tooo cute vintage looking lamb in clothes.  I bought the embroidery file from Embroidery Library.

vintage lamb embroidery

It stitched up great on this sparkly knit fabric.  I always use two layers of stabilizer when embroidering with knits.  I iron on a cut away, and then a tear away.  This keeps the fabric from stretching during the process. 
Both layers may have not been necessary with this lightly stitched pattern, but I like to be safe.

vintage lamb embroidery
It is a simple t-shirt (from my Kwik Sews Sewing for Toddlers book) with two little adjustments to make it look special.  First, I made the neck band a little wider than usual for a bit of a band collar.  Second, I took the round shape from the sleeves of the Spring Fling dress, and added them to the sleeves.

vintage lamb embroideryTo do this I took the shape and basted it to the shoulder, right sides together.  (I based the long straight side to the shoulder with just a little gathering at the center.) Then I sewed on the sleeve as usual.  I really like the little ruffle this addition created.

When she woke up on her birthday I showed her the shirt and told her I made it just because she is now two.  She was so excited! (every sewing mother's dream)  During her party she kept showing people her shirt and pointing to the lamb proudly.
vintage lamb embroidery

I am so glad she liked it.

(PRP is going on this week.  But I was not too interested in the theme of 'chevrons".  But, I definitely will be checking out what the contestants and sew-along friends have come up with.)

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