Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I have to say something

OK.  This is a fun blog.  A blog about family.  about sewing.  about loving.

It is not a political blog.

But, I (Major Moma) have to say something.

A man named David Wood posted this article on the Huffington Post website.  I felt just a little crazy angry when I read it.  There is sooooo much that is simply untrue or highly exaggerated in this piece.

I wanted to write a point-by-point reply.  I wanted to point out how crazy he is.  How clearly in his journalism classes he was asleep when they taught about fact checking.

The most silly part he wrote was "A brigadier (one-star) general at Fort Drum, with 16 years of service, is earning $131,652 a year plus a housing allowance of $2,247 per month."  I am sorry, no such animal exists.  There are no one-star generals that have only been in the military 16 years.

But, then I saw this blog post by And Then we Laughed.  This lady gives a very rational, well thought response.  She acknowledges that cuts need to be made and that the military will share in the balancing of the federal budget.  But, people don't need to write crazy articles to justify those cuts.

So, I hope that you read the response article.  She has great points.  Great points based on facts.

My husband and I.

And now I can feel satisfied.  I have responded but I have not compromised the integrity of our family blog. 

We can be fun again!

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