Thursday, February 28, 2013

Red Inspiration. Yes there is red in there

Hi this is M. I have been madly trying to finish this month's IP project. "Mom are you going to post?" ,Major Moma whined. Well maybe she didn't whine, but she sounded a little squeeky.

Yes but it is a Big project.. I have been loving all the scrappy many trips around the world based on the pattern from Bonnie Hunter . Not loving them: adoring is a better word. I love scrap quilts and I am committed to using up my stash.

So here are the 56 blocks, the last row is not visible because my wall was too small. They aren't sewn together in a top yet. But they will be soon.

So how does this fit in with the IP video for February ? Look carefully there is a big red T. I have lines of red throughout the quilt, although there are at least 10 reds, I wanted those red lines to be the unifying note.

No, there is no quiet place to rest your eyes on this quilt, just bright movement to make you happy.


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