Wednesday, December 12, 2012

to color or not to color

I (Major Moma) made a startling and disturbing discovery yesterday morning. 

I have a grey eyelash.

I had not really thought that my eyelashes would rebel on me at such a young age.  Though I really shouldn't be surprised since I got my first grey hairs in my twenties.  Now, I have an abundance of grey hairs on my head ... my hair; my eyebrows have a couple; and an eyelash.

I started dyeing my hair a couple years ago but it requires so much maintenance.  I have never been one for regular hair appointments and I am currently months behind on my need for a color.  So the greys are running rampant right now and I cringe when I look at them as I do my hair this morning and wonder when I will be able to fit in a 3 hour appointment (I have a lot of hair) in my holiday schedule. 

I whined at a coworker yesterday about this dilemma.

He says "go grey.  You will look dignified and experienced".

Really?  I thought that only worked for men.

I will have to consider it.

Mom let her grey hair grow out a few years ago.  Luckily the women in our line actually have pretty silver hair.  But, she has tired of the grey herself and is thinking of dying it again.  So, I am not the only one on this blog that can't make up her mind on to color or not to color?  That is the question.

Coloring the eyelash is at least easy.  Put mascara on.  There, done.  And since I do that everyday anyway, it is not a big deal at all.

So anyone want to vote?  or say what they have chosen for their hair?


  1. Super Hubby said if I color my hair he will do a comb-over...
    I say color it! You can go grey when you are 50.

  2. My hair is a mousy dark-brown, so I lighten it a little at regular intervals. But I really think that some people really don't need to color their hair because it turns salt-and-peppery, not yellow-gray, which I think should be dyed.


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