Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Lure of Alchemy...

I can remember being fascinated by the stories of the medievial alchemist.  All they had to do to have untold wealth and power, was to magically turn lead into gold....  In other words,  turn something with little value by magic or science into something of great worth.

Well,  I experienced a little of the alchemist's joy today.

My sister collects things that have great beauty to her.  Others(like me) may not see with her artist's eye. But she sees it and envisions all that this beautiful object can be.  Well a couple of weeks ago V  gave me some fabric samples that she picked up.  They had no value, someone just gave them away, but V knew that thes beautiful pieces of fabric would make something wonderful. " M,  would you help me sew some bags out of this beautiful fabric I found?"    Ok....

V wanted some grocery bags...  Most of our local stores no longer can provide plastic bags so its bring your bag no matter where your shop,  groceries, clothing... everywhere.  I usually forget to bring bags with me, so I am object juggling when I go shopping. 

So I started working on her bags last night... and woke up early to finish.  Why?  BECAUSE I WAS TURNING SOMETHING WORTHLESS INTO GOLD!

Very fun, and very satisfying.

M    aka  The Alchemist.

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