Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Us Girls

We three sisters have been known as many things.  For intance, Dad called us his 3 gorillas instead of his 3 girls.  But mostly we have always been Us Girls. 

We have always been under the impression that there has never been anything ordinary about any of us.  It makes sense because you absolutely cannot call our parents ordinary.  I would use words like extraordinary, amazing, fierce, crazy smart, bold, aggressive, and artistic.  People who have crossed our paths in life have used other words like, pit bulls, aggressive, scary smart, controlling, feminist.  One thing was always clear. Us three girls would do whatever we set our minds to.

At the same time, I don’t think we could be more different as people.  Major Mama has always wanted to rule the entire world.  I have always wanted to be free to be my crazy self and safe and secure at the same time.  Winocologist has always wanted to pave her own way and explore the possibilities of a world at her fingertips. 

As children we fought for the right to be powerful girls in a small town.  We fought to be unique, to be loved, to be accepted.  Sometimes that was simply a decsion to express our selves in a different way.  And sometimes that was to try a sport that had been "off limits" to girls.  (Like soccer, and then wrestling)  If the doors were not open, we fought against the powers that be to change the status quo.  There have been times when we struggled against various authorities which had a hard time recognizing strong women called to do amazing things.

We were independent minded girls because behind us we had parents that fought for us, encouraged us, and gave us the freedom to be who God made us to be.  Our parents cultivated a strong relationship with school authorities, even when they did not always see eye-to-eye.  My dad attended every single wrestling practice to protect the right of his daughter to be there.  Their silent and sometimes not so silent leadership gave no room for discrimination. 

Mom and Dad always told us we could be anyone, do anything.  And we have, are, will be.

I am raising my own children now.  My children have their own passions, own pursuits that I struggle to fight for.  I can only imagine the behind closed doors weeping sessions parents had over us girls.

Being Us Girls was never easy but all three of us hold that name as a badge of honor.  Like a soldier’s right shoulder patch.  We fought and because of our fight our own children/nieces and nephews don’t have to fight quite so hard.

Love you my sisters!
 p.s. I couldn't find a single picture of the three of us together. 

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