Thursday, September 13, 2012

organic twill pants

When I was fabric shopping for Abi's school clothes I bought a bunch of organic twill fabric. I bought some corally pink and some brown.

I right away was thinking cargo pants for the pink but then got distracted with PRP and made a skirt instead. But, there was still enough for a pair of pants so I got to work on those after my not-so-biased outfit was complete.

After struggling with the jeans, (By the way, I finally did get the pattern down, I just have not had time to take pictures and make a post about it.) I decided to give myself a break and do a pull-on style pant.

They still have jean-style pockets with patch pockets in the back and lined pockets in the front. I used more of the peace symbol fabric as the lining. But I also added pleated cargo pockets on the legs.

Some thing different that I did on the waist is I used ribbing, like for a t-shirt neckline, for the waist band and inserted a ribbon for a draw string. I wish I took a picture of this, but it made for a very simple and comfortable finishing of the waist. (All my pictures were taken as she was waiting for the School Bus ... sometimes you have to squeeze in photo shoots as time allows.)

I also made casings for more ribbon on the leg hems so that she can have that drawstring look on bottom. I have been seeing it all over Europe on cargo-style pants so it must be the current fashion.

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