Friday, August 31, 2012

McH's Inspiration Point Bit

Okay everyone the August inspiration point was a bell tower that Major Mama's man snapped a shot of.  Just for some persective my hubby served 11 years of active Army service, most all of it in the BIG RED ONE.   He was a the finest NCO and we loved the army life.  We were also stationed in Germany for 5 years and the pic reminded me of the small bell towers in every town littered across Europe.  Since I am a writer, I wrote something...

August Inspiration Point Picture
Cinderella has nothing on me.   She at least got until the twelfth ring of her bell tower.  What do I get?  To five.

The sneakers help.  I don’t even want to think about running in this crazy town in 3 inch heels.  Europe and their insane alley ways and streets.  The cobblestone is completely unforgiving on your hands if you fall. At the reckless way I am running it’s a good bet I am going to biff it. But I have to make the bus.

That was the third strike of the bell from the middle of town and if I don’t make it he will leave.  He can’t leave.  Not yet.  Not when I have a chance.

This wasn’t how I was supposed to find “him”.  I was to finish my enlistment, go home, and finish school, something.  Not this sprint across Rotenberg on a single soldier MWR trip. 

This long weekend has been more than amazing. We got off opposing buses on Friday evening and with a handful of brochures.  His matched mine so we smiled and went off together to buy Christmas ornaments for our mothers.

I haven’t laughed so much in years.  Since I left home really.  I knew what I was signing up for, sort of. Four years of my life in exchange for tuition. I didn’t know I would like the structure, or the people.  I didn’t know I would love the challenge and hate the motor pool.

But this weekend I didn’t want to stop.  Here I am running like a maniac trying to get to his bus before he leaves.  He is stationed near me for now, but that can change in a minutes’ notice.  I need to get him my number, take a chance he will give me his. 

And that echo ringing in my ears is the fourth toll.  I knew he was leaving.  He said as much but I just wanted to look at one more thing, one more shop.  Before I knew it he was gone and the clock said his bus was leaving at 1700 on the dot.

Damn military promptness. 

The sun is bright and warm this Labor Day and it blinds me as I burst from the alley into the main square where the busses are parked.

I stop and look around for the Graf. bus.  He has to be here somewhere.  I can’t be too late.

“Mitchell!” I turn at my name and there he is 10 meters away.  His smile grows as I sprint over to him.  He lifts me up and tucks me in tight, despite a hundred troop’s cat calls around us. 

“I thought I missed you.”  My voice is shaking and breath heavy.  Mostly it’s from nerves but a portion is the sprint across town.

“Nah.  I wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye.”  His smile is contagious and we let each other go enough to dig our phones out. 

The start of the bus and yell of the NCOIC gets us both moving apart. He waved from his seat a moment later.  I start moving out to catch my own bus when my pocket starts to ring.  Pulling out my phone a text waits for me.

*Miss U already. TTYL my Mitchell*

Yep, Cinderella has nothing on me and my prince charming.

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