Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blessings and Bananas

Armed with a menu and grocery list I made my way through the treacherous aisles of Safeway.  A more dangerous place…I don’t think so.  The goal?  Food for one week, maybe a week and half if I’m smart about my perishables.

I spent time clipping coupons, $80 worth, and set off towards my goal of a full fridge and pantry. Two hours and one over flowing cart and I was done. 

The mighty huntress returns with her kill...err. groceries.
After I got home I debated whether a glass of wine or 4 antacid tablets would be a better cure for what ails my check book.  When did my children start eating enough food to feed a small country?  I have a good friend who is thinking of taking the youth of our church on a 40 hour fast as a representation of what the average time between meals for 3rd world children are.  Afterwards she would feed them a feast of rice and milk.   Give them some perspective as they munch 3 bowls of Kix in the morning. 

We are blessed and I know that.  There was a time in my adult life when the money didn’t exist and the cupboards were bare.  I remember eating the very last thing in the pantry and knowing that pay day wasn’t for 3 days yet.  God was always good and I remember after cooking that rice, James and I looked across the table and just wept.  The doorbell rang literally a minute later.  Some acquaintances from our church had been to Sam’s club and had felt led to purchase more groceries then they normally need and to give us the overflow.  We brought them in and humbled ourselves to open our bare cupboards.  

That night I Iearned a lot.  I learned about myself and my personal responsibility, about listening to the call of God to do something out of the ordinary to bless others, and not to take the blessings of life for granted.

So as the kids and I put away a gaggle of groceries  I was reminded of how far God has blessed us.  Hopefully I am teaching gratefulness and responsibility.  Hopefully as I watch my children eat their morning cereal, snatch an apple from the bowl, drink a cold glass of milk or enjoy a hearty dinner I remember how far we have come and listen closely to see if anyone needs  just a little of what I have been blessed with.

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