Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Orangutan arms and other odds and ends

My plan was to work on my final PRP outfit this weekend.  However, my serger is out of commission right now, so I needed to move on to plan B.  Unfortunately, like my 4 year old Eli, I cannot move on that easily.  I get tracked into one mindset and have a difficult time being flexible.  Thus, all my creative juices were dammed up over the weekend. 

What to do???  I started to look around my sewing room and saw some unfinished projects that could use some finishing.  One by one, I completed several things that were waiting for a day like today.

My mom (M) had made an adorable dress for my first daughter, but had some problems with the zipper (I don't remember what or why).  She sent it to me to finish up, but by the time that happened, it was too small.  So it never got done.  It just traveled across the US and oceans unfinished.  But now, my youngest is the right size for that little dress!  I added the zipper, I had a red one to spare, and now Isa has an adorable dress hand made by her Grandma.  The skirt is pieced together and has red embroidery work and little red buttons sew on the joining corners.

Then I found a plastic bag with the pieces of a 3/4s done shirt I started when Eli was an infant.  I went to work on that one too.  But when I tried it on, the sleeves were CRAZY long.  Like orangutan long.  I had to seam rip off my beautifully sewn cuffs and cut 4 inches off the sleeve.  Then I reattached the cuffs and I have a pretty cute casual blouse.  I used mother of pearl buttons that I had received when my Great Aunt passed away.  When I tire of the blouse, I am retrieving those buttons!

I am terrible at posing, I really shouldl have had my arms situated so that I did not just look like one green and white blob.

Finally, last fall my family and I attended a medieval jousting tournament in Germany.  The boy had an especially good time.  About 75% of the crowd was dressed in period costume.  The family then requested that I sew us costumes too so that we can attend these things together all dressed up.  This is not normally my style, but I conceded.  So last night I finished 3 of  our five early middle ages clothing.  When they are all done, I will do a big post with lots of pictures.
The guy pushing the stroller in period garb had me giggling for days.


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