Sunday, April 8, 2012

Who are we and where are we going?

Why are we doing a blog?  And why would we call it Without Directions?  Four women, each really different and yet similar, a mom and three daughters will be sharing this space.

We are creating this blog so that we have a space to share things going on in our regular lives and to share the things that most interest us.  It will be a place for us to be in the same neighborhood, if only in the virtual world. Our hope is that you will want to come join us and be a part of the conversation; to join our neighborly gathering of fabulous women.  Have a cup of coffee with us and read about what we each are passionate about.
Each of us will post entries.  Some may be about things that we really care about. Often we may chat about things that we spend our spare time on, the thoughts which dance around our head, and the things that we get giddy about. 

 As you read our posts, you will see that each woman has her own unique personality. But as you read, you will also notice significant common traits.  Each one is  passionate, strong, and most of all, loving.  All four of us believe we are a force to be reckoned with. We are from an affectionate and close family.  Home was a place of laughter, dancing, and  silliness.  There has also been some heartbreaking times,  but we stuck together.
We are all grown up now. Each girl moved, started a career, and created her own new family. As we went our various ways ,we were literally scattered across the globe.   But we do draw strength from each other even though we are separate. 

Oh yeah  why Without Directions?  Well, here are  four women who really know where they are headed.  But  three of the four get consistently lost wherever they roam.   So all four need no directions to get where they are headed, and yet need them all the time.


  1. Yeah another way to keep up w/the Lang women!!! Kelli loved the three piece outfit you made for is so cute. Looking forward to following along w/all of you. Love Alice


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